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Contact Chad to discuss selling your rental property in York PA or your self-storage or mobile home park located in Central PA.

Hello, my name is Chad Eisenhart

I have been buying real estate in York PA for close to 20 years.

I am a life long entrepreneur as the owner of Carryout Courier, which I sold in the Summer of 2019. At which time I went from a part-time buy and hold real estate investor to a full-time real estate investor.

Together with my wife Michele and our three children with live in Central PA.

I am actively looking to add to my portfolio of apartments, single-family houses and self-storage facilities. For more information about me, check out my other website

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I Buy Houses for Rental Properties In York PA

Including single-family and 2+ units apartments or your entire portfolio.

In addition, I buy self-storage and mobile home parts in Central PA.

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