Frequently Asked Questions

So how does this work? When do I get my cash? Do you list my house? Many of questions answered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you be listing my house on the MLS or actually buying it?

A: No, I am not a real estate agent. I am a buy and hold investor. I am looking for rental properties to add to my portfolio.

Q: What if my house needs repairs?

A: That is understandable. My ideal property is highly distressed; 100% vacancy, boards on the window, trash in the property, I am fine with all that. I am fine if your property does not need any repairs.

Q: Can you really buy my property for cash?

A: Yes. I have the cash to available.

Q: What if my sales price is over $1 million, do you really have the cash.

A: No, and I am sure you will not find any other investor other with that much cash laying around, but I do have other local investors I can partner with.  Coming up with the money is not a problem. I recently purchased a 240+ unit self-storage facility with a group of investors from Lancaster PA.

Q: I really liked the cash flow from my rental property, what if I do not want paid all at one time?

A: That works great also. You actually become a private lender.

If you do not need the sales proceeds right away, and you are just going to stick the money in the bank, why get just .25% or 1.25% with a CD. I would be happy to give you a down payment and then make monthly payments to you, while I deal with repairs, tenants, taxes, and the hassles of being a landlord. You have reaches true passive investor status!

The settlement company would file a lien at the courthouse, the property would be your collateral to ensure prompt, timely payments.  Your collateral is something you have known for many years, and can drive by. Not a stock with that you know little about.

FYI – I have excellent credit and can give you referrals.

Q: What fees or commissions or upfront costs do I have?

A:  None. I am buying properties to hold in my portfolio, for me.

Q: Do you buy single-family houses?

A:  I am looking for properties that make great rental properties, that will be determined by the purchase price, school district and rent that I can charge. Let’s talk.

Get In Touch With Chad Today For A No-Hassle No Obligation Offer.

No big company overhead. I am a local investor helping local property owners.

I will buy your rental property in York PA as is, this means you make no repairs. I will help you say goodbye to tenants, repairs and the hassles that can come with owning real estate.

Chad was easy to speak with and I really appreciated the time he spent explaining everything. The apartments were in pretty bad shape, but Chad said, "no problem." I made the right call going with Chad

Doug Stutzman

Congratulations on settling on the self-storage, I'm excited for you and your partners. I was very skeptical in the beginning, after all it was a lot of money. I'm sad to see it go but I'm glad you are apart of it.

Brandon Hershey

We really appreciate you helping us when we needed it. Answering our calls or texts super quick really relieved a lot of stress. Especially since we did not even live in the area.

Paula Miller

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